Top 5 Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in Los Angeles

Top 5 Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in Los Angeles
Whether as a lady or gentleman, the hair all decides your appearance. To have a hairstyle which is fit with your face, it is hair salons' mission.
In Los Angeles, it would not be hard to find a hair salon, but did you find a right place? Let us help you!
We, at One24h, using our tools and algorithms, have collected and ranked 5 hair salons for splurge-worthy cuts and color in Los Angeles.
And these 5 salons have made it to our list:

Top 5 Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in Los Angeles


Harper Salon located in the heart of Melrose that is really a great location to be laid back and get an awesome haircut. All hair stylists here are professional, plus the salon is so gorgeous and fashionable. If you used to be here once, you can't go to any places else.


When it comes to hair, the Barbershop ClubBest is one of the best hair salons in L.A. to get a cut and a shave.  Hairdressers always have attention to detail so getting a great haircut is not surprising. The Barbershop Club is worth a visit!


If you need someone who is honest with you about your hair, they will be hair stylists in Chris McMillan the Salon! Based on your facial features, the hair stylists will make you a gorgeous and natural-looking haircut. Don't forget that they are also colorists. Come to Chris McMillan the Salon, changing your hairstyle to refresh yourself soon!


Works of Art Hair Studio is known as a hair salon for celebrities. It is not mean that only celebrities can come here. Ordinary people will also have a beautiful haircut as well as celebrities in the Works of Art Hair Studio. The salon always updates the latest and ‘hottest’ hairstyles. Let make an appointment at Works of Art Hair Salon right now for a fantastic haircut!


Daniel Alfonso Men's Salon is a hair salon for men. However, not only men, women will be definitely satisfied with your hairstyle through professional hair stylist’s hands - Daniel Alfonso. All you guys will be pleased when you come to Daniel Alfonso Men's Salon because of the enthusiastic and honest advice about your hair before deciding on your hairstyle, and an expected result is an inevitable thing.

No wonder that changing your hairstyle can change something in your life. Let’s try and share with us your experience in the comment section!

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