Top 3 Worth-See Contemporary Art Museum in San Francisco

Top 3 Worth-See Contemporary Art Museum in San Francisco
Art brings a beautiful aspect in life. Art can be found in music, fashion, or in love. Definitely, art is found in museums.
San Francisco significantly carries the 3 must-see contemporary art museums that we, One24h will shortly list below for your next stop finding a soul of art.

Top 3 Worth-See Contemporary Art Museum in San Francisco



SF Camerawork is not a big or popular museum, but it is a unique gem in Downtown San Francisco. SF Camerawork is a station for independent artists and collectors to work on new ideas in the photography field. The museum has a variety of exciting shows and free events such as artist talk or book signing. Here you will find a humanity educational program called “First Exposures,” which provides free weekly photograph classes to age eleven to eighteen. Sounds good?



“Pier 24- a place to view and think about photography.”

Pier 24 is different. It’s free of charge. This is a place to experience photography in a quiet environment. Pier 24 stores a permanent collection of Pilara Foundation, and is open to the public Monday through Friday by appointment. The collection features 4000 works by photographers whose first exhibited in two seminal century exhibition: New Document (1967), and New Topographics (1975). Art speaks loudest in silence, don’t you think so? Think of Pier 24 when it comes to defining art.



Let’s just state it this way: as a human being, we are never too old for cartoons. The Cartoon Art Museum has everything for everyone, featuring comics, anime, cartoon, graphic novel, and underground comix. No matter you are a five-year-old kid, or a sixty-five-senior, you are welcome at Cartoon Art Museum to enjoy 7000 original pieces of art. Why wait? The museum open Thursday through Tuesday at 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM with its general admission at $10 buck and less for students, seniors, and military. Kids and members are free at the entrance!


Discovering museums is an exciting activity to do with friends and family. Not only to give yourself a little dig into art, but also to give your children bigger ideas on socialization, community, and youth development. Check out those three museums that we, One24h have ranked, and let us know your experiences. We’d to hear!

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