Top 15 pizza places in San Diego

Top 15 pizza places in San Diego
In San Diego and suddenly have a craving for pizzas?
We, at One24h, using our tools and algorithms, have collected and ranked 15 pizza places just for you in San Diego. And these 15 pizza places have made it to our list:

Top 15 pizza places in San Diego


Established in 1978 in California, Mountain Mike’s Pizza now has 180 restaurants in 4 of the biggest states of America. If you come here, we recommend the pepperoni pizza, Mountain Mike’s signature dish, with its taste reviewed to be “unchanged” ever since the restaurant was opened. Moreover, this a gluten-free friendly spot, where the staff is willing to go extra miles for your request.


Pie Craft serves pizzas, paninis, and spaghetti for those who want to experience an all-carb feast. If you’re wondering why the pizza prices are slightly higher than other places’, the answer is because you’re paying for truly quality artisan products. Pie Craft is famous for made-from-scratch pizzas and sauces, with a surprisingly crispy thin crust.


Fans of mozzarella cheese will love this place, as Zozo’s only uses 100% fresh mozzarella cheese on their authentic New York style pizzas (if you order by the slices, expect them to be huge!). Located in Mission Beach, Zozo’s has a chill atmosphere, suitable for customers who wish a enjoy a bit of ocean air while they’re eating.


SandBox is a pet-friendly pizza restaurant, and they do know how to make people smile by flooding their social media accounts with adorable pictures of dogs and satisfied customers. Fan of buffalo, please aim straight for their PB Hot Chick, and you won’t, and can’t, be disappointed eating the flavourful buffalo-style chicken while chugging down a pint of local beer.


Chuck E. Cheese’s, in its own way, is very particular. This place is customized for families with kids and fully decorated with game machines and very often, kids’ birthday parties. But hey, if you can still find the kid within yourself, we can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t come here. We recommend the Super Combo pizza.


With 53 years experience as a family run restaurant (and a 4.5 out 5 rating on Yelp), Poma’s taste has been pretty consistent since 1965, and very close to the taste of that in Italy. Plus, the portion is huge compared to what you have to pay.

Even though they’re more known for the delicious sandwiches, their signature Poma’s Whitestone 16” is definitely a hit, not a miss.


Are you a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s? Well, then you are in for a treat because this Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant is real! Even though its primary purpose is to be fan service, we solemnly swear that their pizzas will not disappoint you because after all, you’re living in your fantasy. Enjoy their traditional pizza flavors while chatting with other hardcore fans.


Domino’s Pizza is definitely a worldwide phenomenon, located in 5,701 cities around the globe. In San Diego alone, there are now 49 restaurants for you to choose from. Their pizzas have a savory kick with cheesy crusts. If you are a fan of Domino’s, don’t worry about thinning out your wallet. They regularly give out coupons and good deals to customers.


DiMille’s is another dog-friendly establishment in San Diego, so put that on your list if you want to go somewhere to enjoy delicious pizzas and drinks with your loyal companions. DiMilie’s menu is an heirloom, and thus, has that warm grandmother’s touch.


The owners of Left’s are originally from Chicago and promise an authentic Chicago flavor in the food that they serve. They have the best deep dish pizzas, with Veggie Pie being one of their most popular items.


A casual family-friendly joint that offers quick-cooking custom-made pizzas with more than 30 varieties of topping. This is where the carnivores go crazy on bacon and pepperoni, and the herbivores indulge in Daiya cheese and vegan sausages.

Just so you know, there is a 9Round 30 Min Kickbox Fitness nearby.


One word: unique.

Ever taste a pizza crust with sauce inside? This is the place to go. Woodstock Pizza is very creative with their menu (seriously, who doesn’t want to taste an All-Meat-Orgy?). And they make sure that the ingredients that are going to sit in your stomach are fresh and premium.


Caffè Calabria is an authentic Italian style cafe. Besides being known for serving the best cafe in town, their pizzas are ridiculously well-known for their thin crust and simple, yet rich and flavorful, toppings. Unlike the typical overloaded American pizzas, Calabria’s tastes are sophisticated, and indeed, very Italian. This caffe is also a bar itself. Pick up your pizzas, but don’t forget that Happy Hour is from 5 to 7 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.


Unlike the others, Bronx Pizza is straightforward in the way they do business. They don’t need a fancy webpage, they only take cash payments, and decorate their venue very humbly. Browsing through Bronx website, the talented chefs behind your pizzas seems honest, down-to-earth, and know exactly where to insert their sarcasm. Bronx pizzas are comparable to New York style ones. So folks, the next time you crave one in San Diego, you know where to go.


Another Woodstock’s Pizza you say? Woodstock probably pops up again thanks to being just a mile away from San Diego State University. If you go there today, try the exotic Banh Mizza.

So, here it is, our top 15 pizza places in San Diego. You can either trust us or go make your own. Go to these pizza spots and let us know your opinion.


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