Top 15 Favorite Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

Top 15 Favorite Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco
Living in San Francisco Bay, you have many chances to eat good and fresh seafood.
It is not hard to find a decent restaurant in SF. However, to have one as your favorite, it is a little tricky.
At One24h, we have chosen the most 15 favorable seafood restaurants for your next go-to restaurant list.

Top 15 Favorite Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco


Eagle Cafe is an American traditional seafood restaurant located on Pier 39, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily from 8 AM to 10 PM. At Eagle Cafe, it is a meal with a view of amazing San Francisco Bay. No matter you are a local or a tourist, it is never wrong with seafood and beer on the pier with such a view!


Seven Hills’ dishes are mainly cooked by chef Anthony Florian, who is a master of combining French and Italian cuisine all together with fresh seafood and unique ingredients. The restaurant also has gluten-free options for those who want to try their pasta dishes.


Blue Mermaid Restaurant is authentic with an oceanfront ambiance. Here at the restaurant you can have your meal with a view, and make that meal amazing by pairing with wine, cold brew beer, or handcrafted cocktails. Last but not least, a reservation is recommended for a fantastic-view table.


Anchor Oyster Bar has the tastiest and freshest oyster in a small local family-owned restaurant, which located on Castro Street, San Francisco. The restaurant has been serving sustainably wild caught fishes, shellfishes, crabs, shrimps, clams, and oysters for over 30 years.


Catch is located in San Francisco’s Castro district, which serves seasonal seafood mostly. Therefore, you will see many different dishes changed on the menu depend on the season. Their chefs promise to bring a flavorful dish from the kitchen to the table with a freshness guarantee


Akiko’s Restaurant is located right in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. Owned and run by a family, which serve traditional and unique Japanese cuisine for more than 30 years. It is warm, delighted, and charming at Akiko which is perfect for a lunch or dinner date. Call today to make your reservation and try their freshy seafood in such atmosphere!


Skool’s key is fish focused. Fresh fishes, seasonal fishes, sustainable fishes, and local ingredients are all in Skool. Taste a bite of fresh raw fish pair with a sip of warm sake is what customers often do at Skool. Skool not only cook to serve but also to introduce foods in the form of art.



It doesn’t matter if it’s weekdays or weekends, it’s always packed in Tadich. They take no reservation. To taste their consistent fantastic seafood, you have to wait in line no matter what. Tadich is a traditional San Francisco restaurant that serves seafood for 166 years. Customers always leave happy and frequently return for the foods and the atmosphere.


Crustacean is famous for its unique European Vietnamese cuisine, which operated by Master Chef Helene “mama” An. Crustacean brings seafood to the new level when combining the secret Asian recipes with Euro ingredients. Cooked and served devoted by Chef An, the restaurant promises to fulfill your dining with a pleasure.


Alioto’s is a family Italian restaurant opened since 1925 with their secret Italian recipes that will give you a mouth-watering experience of tasting their freshest seafood. Alioto’s is known as San Francisco's oldest family owned and run restaurant. For over 90 years, they are more and more popular with their steady’s recipes now run by the fourth generation of Alioto’s family.


Carb House is an excellent place for a group of party or family-size dining. Located on the famous Pier 39, Crab House has a full menu of crabs with sizzling crab legs, crab chowder, crab Caesar, crab enchilada, crab cakes and many more.


Franciscan Crab Restaurant is the one! The restaurant is a combination of everything from food to atmosphere to location. If you are looking for an elegant, modern, and comfortable restaurant on a weekend date, this is the place! Serving Dungeness Crab, Crispy Crab Cakes, Seafood Antipasto, fresh oysters, and steamed mussels that will make you come back for sure.



Stop by Pier Market Seafood Restaurant when you visit Pier 39 for an ice cold beer and freshest seafood in San Francisco. This is a place for a casual fish-market dining experience, where you can observe the chefs cooking on the mesquite grill, dedicated to delivering their customers the best foods!


What about a restaurant where you can dine and enjoy the view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge? Come into Fog Harbor Fish House for 100% sustainable seafood and quality dining time with your favorites at Pier 39, San Francisco, California.


Promising to deliver high-quality seafood, Pacific Catch is unique for combining fine-dining and casual West Coast lifestyle. They also offer a variety of special lunch and dinner daily. Don’t forget their continually fantastic cocktails or a glass of your favorite wine to pair with your seafood. They are bomb!

Fresh food won’t wait! List them down, try them out, and let us know which one is your go-to next time.

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