Top 11 Tasty Vietnamese Restaurants in Westminster

Top 11 Tasty Vietnamese Restaurants in Westminster
Whenever you think of Vietnamese food, you know exactly the finest restaurants are located in Westminster.
We, at One24h, have ranked the top 11 tastiest Vietnamese cuisines for you to ease your hunger!

Top 11 Tasty Vietnamese Restaurants in Westminster



Ngoc Suong is a place where you can dine and enjoy live music. The restaurant serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes that cooked with the freshest and tastiest ingredients. Ngoc Suong takes reservations for family-size customers, and they host birthday, wedding, graduation parties as well. Call now to learn more about booking information, or music event schedule to make sure you get to see your favorite singers!


Mai’s Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine is an authentic restaurant that serves a variety of delicious dishes such as Banh beo chen, Bun bo hue, Mi quang, and many more. This is a lovely and small family-owned restaurant that run by Mai, the only chef who cooks all of the delicious dishes in Mai’s Kitchen. This family-owned restaurant is designed cozily and delighted that gives you a warm feeling like eating at home!



Thanh My is a family restaurant where you can find a meal for families like braised catfish (Ca kho), sour soup (Canh chua), and many more delicious dishes to pair with steamed white rice, which is the primary food for Viet people in every meal. Thanh My is recently on TV folks to talk about their success in running a family business for 40 years and is still growing strong with their secret recipes in such traditional dishes.



Banh trang tron is indeed a thing for Viet people, especially for the young generation. Banh trang is rice papers that marinated in such tasty ingredients like butter, garlic, dried shrimp, green onion, lemon juice, chili powder, peanut, and boiled eggs. Sounds odd? That’s actually what makes Banh trang tron so unique that you cannot resist after just one bite. We challenge you to try all forms of Banh trang tron when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine!


Luc Dinh Ky is a traditional Chinese restaurant, but carry a variety of Vietnamese cuisine such as Hu tieu (noodles), Cha gio (egg roll), Ca phe sua da (Vietnamese coffee sua da). Luc Dinh Ky has 2 locations in Westminster, but they are both in Little Saigon. Especially, they give free Nuoc mat (herbal tea) to every customer who dines in!



GHIỀN Fusion is all about street foods. Their food is truly Viet’s taste and fresh cooked daily. Make sure you order ahead since they only make what the customers have ordered, and sometimes they make extra on the weekend. They promise that once you try their food, you are addicted! Nothing is more than food addiction guys!



Hot Pot City is an “upgrade hotpot version”, which you can choose your own base soup, your favorite meat, veggies, or seafood. Basically, you will cook for your own taste, in your own pot, with your own ingredients. What is better than a hotpot night out with friends when it’s below 60F outside? Head right to 15606 Brookhurst St, Westminster, California for Hot Pot City!



Among many others Vietnamese dishes, Quán-Mii proudly serves their special Banh xeo mien trung with a flavorful Banh xeo perfectly paired with fresh veggies and tasty homemade fish sauce. Although the restaurant is bustling on the weekend, the staffs have their own ways to serve you as quick as possible. Thumb up for that!



Located at 14541 Brookhurst, Sidewalk T House catches up their menu with new dishes frequently to have their customers’ keep coming back and try some more. Sidewalk really proves their skills on introducing new dishes every month such as Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper), Mi bay (flying noodles), and a bunch of new flavor for the drinks. Pricing is fairly reasonable, food and beverages are fantastic, and their super friendly staffs are more welcome to assist you with anything.


Every single Vietnamese person living in the United States understands how treasurable it is to have a right Viet traditional bowl of Mi go. It’s salty, spicy, moreish, and pleasing when it’s come to mi go at the end of the day after a long day at work.


Tebo Tebo was first famous for their to-go products, which they carry your drink in a bottle. The Lounge mainly serves tea, juice, and other forms of tea such as milk tea, tea slush, or smoothie tea. Now the restaurant has a variety of foods to enjoy with your drink for a happier tasty belly! You gonna love this when we say Tebo Tebo is open until 2AM! Suddenly craving for a cup of boba milk tea at midnight? Straight right to Tebo Tebo Lounge!

Now you know where to go to when you are craving for Vietnamese food? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment below!

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