Top 13 fast food restaurants in San Francisco

Top 13 fast food restaurants in San Francisco
San Francisco welcomes cuisines from all corners of the world with open arms.
While being deeply in love with grilled cheese, the ever-famous national dish,
the locals also find themselves constantly amazed by deep and rich flavors from Asia and South America.
Below is the list of our top 13 fast food restaurants in San Francisco.

Top 13 fast food restaurants in San Francisco


VeganBurg sells 100% plant-based burgers, winning even the hardest hearts from omnivores... There will be no dry, bland, or cardboard taste from their food, only juicy, rich, and flavorful burgers. We recommend the satay burgers, Hawaiian teriyaki burgers,  seaweed-, and garlic fries.

The price is a little bit on the pricey side, but this is normal practice for all vegan fast food spots.


Specializing in authentic Cuban and Mexican dishes, El Pollo Supremo-San Francisco has been operating since 1982 and is well loved by the regular SF locals. Their tender and juicy grilled chicken and freshly made salsa are what people are raving about. And the buffalo chicken wings, too! And if you’re not a fan of chicken (seriously?), try the fish tacos.

A friendly reminder of one Yelper though: if you can, come to El Pollo Supremo - SF before or afternoon time; otherwise, there will be a long queue.


A sports bar that serves freshly-made-on-the-spot grub. Phat Philly offers everything from deep fried chicken to cheesy hot dogs that can be easily washed down with a pint of beer.  Their cheesy cheesesteak is considered the most popular item on the menu. What can be better than chomping on a big fat sandwich while watching your favorite team going for a championship?

And if everything is too meaty for you, do not worry! Phat Philly has vegetarian options as well; just omit the garlic mayo and opt for vegenaise if you’re vegan.


First opened in 1953, La Palma SF has been loyal to its mission of serving fresh and authentic Mexican food. This San Francisco fast food restaurant makes their food from scratch that is free of GMO ingredients and preservatives. La Palma SF is one of the few places that sell original tortillas flavors like spinach and chipotle. And their chicharron is a must-try.

They opt for takeout style. And you can buy some grocery-style pre-made food as well.

Again, vegetarian and vegan options are available. They are stuffed full of veggie goodness we heard!


Bamboo Asia serves as one of the most mouth-watering and healthy Asian cuisines in San Francisco, which includes Indian, Vietnamese, and Japanese cooking.

The restaurants consist of three stations for three cuisines with their food being organized in groups (bases/carbs, protein, veggies, toppings, and sauces) to make sure that your meals are healthy and well-balanced.

While Bamboo Asia SF still has to work on their Vietnamese banh mi, their sushi and poke bowl, and eggplant chips are quite popular among the regulars. The price is decent for its taste and freshness.


The third Mexican cuisine restaurant on our list! Pancho Villa Taqueria SF is praised for their ever-famous burritos which are stuffed full of meat, salsa, rice, bean, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. Earning a solid 4 stars from 2304 reviews from Yelp, Pancho Villa are undoubtedly in the heart of customers who love their forearm-sized burritos.

Located in the busy Mission District of San Francisco, this restaurant is a great place for affordable (but tasty) lunches or quick dine-ins.


Venga Empanadas sells Argentine cuisine, with a twist. Their food is made from scratch on a daily basis, so everything is fresh, preservative-free, and of course, delicious. If you’re in Mission, consider trying the Gazpacho soup, spicy beef empanadas (with chipotle sauce), and alfajores. The food is a toast to go, so be a bit careful because things can be piping hot.

Ask for gluten-free empanadas if you’re allergic and generally don’t consume gluten.


American loves cheese, we all know that.

The Grilled Cheez Guy is deadly serious, opening their pop up/catering service only after winning Regional and National Grilled Cheese championships. Michael, the Cheez founder, is a scientist working for a research kitchen. So, you know, what makes their food taste so good is actually science!

Their sandwiches are cheesy, thick, and yet, crispy, and of course, made from the freshest and highest quality local ingredients. The grilled cheese nachos are repeatedly favored by Yelpers.



South American flavors are indeed a big hit in the heart of San Franciscan, as we have another Mexican fast food spot on the list. With a whopping 4426 reviews on Yelp, El Farolito is known for their signature Super Burrito and Quesadilla Suiza. Regulars are often torn among different choices of salsa, as everything they serve is fresh and delicious!


Roam Artisan Burgers promises ethics in everything they sell by guaranteeing that all fresh and seasonal ingredients sourced from vendors and farmers are grown in a traditional way. Moreover, bread and meat/veggie patties are made daily, milkshakes with organic dairy, and best of all, all scraps and waste are turned into fertilizer instead of going into the bin!

With 5 locations all up and running, Roam Artisan Burgers are best known for their quinoa burgers, grass-fed beef burgers, bison burgers, and house-made sodas.



If you are a fan of Peruvian cuisine, you will love this “restaurant”. El Calamar Peruvian Food Truck serves affordable Peruvian food with authentic flavors. Do try the Lomo saltado (steaks with onions, tomatoes, and fries served over rice), fried calamari, shrimp ceviche (fresh shrimp in citrus juice with seasonings), and fish tacos.


If you have not tried the gyros and hearty falafels from The Halal Guy, you have not eaten gyros or falafels at all. According to reviews from customers, the taste of food here is a game-changer.

A typical platter would have chicken, beef, or falafels, with some veggies, Jasmine rice, and the ever-famous white sauce which combines the taste of tzatziki, garlic, lemon, and tahini. People love drowning their food with this creamy white sauce.



We dare to say that Los Shucos Latin Hot Dogs sell the most mouth-watering Latin hot dogs in San Francisco! Fresh daily bread, handmade gluten-free chorizo, and chimichurri sauce or chirmol, and you are set for the day. There are a lot of topping options on Shucos menu, so mix and match until you find your perfect hot dogs!


Have you tried all of these top fast food restaurants in San Francisco? Go through our list and let us think whether it’s a hit or miss!

We’d love to hear your views on this…