Top 11 youth organizations in Oakland

Top 11 youth organizations in Oakland
Oakland is lively with youth organizations and movements that are happening simultaneously.
Below is our top 11 youth organizations in Oakland,
who are working to empower the youth of all races and genders, giving them the chance to receive equal opportunities in life.

Top 11 youth organizations in Oakland


The Original Scraper Bike Team was founded in 2006 with a focus on capturing the creativity of youth who live in underserved and dangerous communities of Oakland by supporting youth entrepreneurship. By fixing and painting bicycles, they strive to make an impact on social justice.  

Memberships are available for anyone who is at least 10 years old, can build their own bike, and teach others to do the same.


outLoud Radio is a program of Youth Radio and committed to being the voice of LGBTQ+ youth, helping them to overcome fears, build confidence, skills, and share their stories with the world to bring positive changes. outLoud Radio teaches the queer youth to conquer the world by showing them the art of making documentaries and radio talks, thus challenge and correct any false images projected by common media channels.

Their documentaries, articles, and radio talks cover all aspects of LGBTQ+ youth, including politics, rights, coming out, gender-neutral bathrooms, inclusive sex education, arts, and fashion.


Mind Body Awareness (MBA) is a youth organization who believes that harmful and violent behaviors can be controlled through mindful meditation. At-risk youth is the primary target of MBA: those who are in detention facilities, detention camps, and low-quality educational institutions.

MBA helps at-risk youth alleviate the burden from external stressors and build up a healthy coping mechanism by offering body and mind exercise classes, discussion sessions and counselings. All sessions are carried out in a non-judgemental manner, encouraging the youth to express their thoughts and feelings without relying on violent and unhealthy behaviors.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland was born to go after one sole mission: develop the youth from all backgrounds in Oakland into active contributors to society. The organization involves about 2,500 boys and girls from 6 to 17 years old annually and wishes to serve at least 5,000 every year in the near future.

With caring, encouraging, and responsible staff, Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland is the best place for kids to be after school: they can join in sports and arts activities, cooking classes, and receive tutoring and mentoring sessions.


Techbridge Girls encourages and empowers girls to take part in science, technology, and engineering - aspects that have been stereotyped and dominated for boys and men - through after-school and summer programs. Since 2000, Techbridge has been working with more than 4,000 girls from 5 to 12 years old from low-income communities, as well as providing partners with capacity building training to make sure that girls have the best support network to a better future.

Girls and families involved in Techbridge reported having shown increased interest and confidence in considering science, technology, and engineering as solid career choices.


National Center for Youth Law is headquartered in Oakland, and they are here ensure that low-income children have the chance to achieve and fulfill their potential in every aspect of life. This non-profit law firm has been around for 48 years, working tirelessly to improve and change the care system that serves and benefits hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. They focus on foster care systems, education, physical and mental health, juvenile justice, and immigration problems that violate children's’ rights.

If you’re looking forward to a fulfilling and meaningful internship, this is for you. Full-time internship positions are available. For more well-rounded experienced individuals, National Center for Youth Law is currently looking for law clerks and attorneys.


Coaching Corps of Oakland works to make sure that kids from the low-income neighborhood can get maximum benefits from sports activities trained by professional and caring coaches. They provide service by recruiting and training volunteer coaches and thus involving kids in afterschool sports programs as part of their youth development. They believe that kids who are active in sports are healthier physically and mentally, show better results and school, and are less likely to express feelings through violent means.

To date, Coaching Corps has supported more than 100,000 kids.



Amigos de las Américas: Youth Ambassadors Program mission is to create and develop leaders through collaborative community development and culture exchange programs in Central and South America. The Oakland-based organization offers programs that last from 2 weeks to 9 months.



California Youth Connection is a youth-led organization, focusing on developing leaders that have the capacity to impact and influence their community through transform and improve the foster care system via legislative actions. CYC works to ensure that kids in the system are given equal opportunities and have the chance to grow and develop to their maximum potential, by helping them to gain job skills, education, connection, and a support network of friends. To this day, the organization has benefited more than 60,000 youths.



Destiny Arts Center of Oakland mission is to move youth from violence and conflict to peace through the art of dance, theater, and martial arts for young individuals aged 3 to 24 years old. The youth organization offers a pay-what-you-can model (starting from as low as $15/month), which is truly beneficial for kids who live in the most underserved communities of Oakland.



The number one youth organization in Oakland is Generation Waking Up, an organization that is solely focusing on making sure that the youth is aware of global problems, challenges, opportunities, and take action to ensure a sustainable future for themselves and the world around them. Generation Waking Up organizes workshops and training to provide young people with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for them to become a truly global citizen.

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